Vinnie DiMartino Loves Divergent IV

I remember tuning into the Discovery Channel just to watch the latest episodes of American Chopper and see what the latest build was going to be. One of the shows most down to earth stars was a local guy, Vinnie DiMartino. Vinnie was OCC's build it guy. If Jr had a design, Vinnie could make those designs come to life. It was always a pleasure to watch Vinnie bend metal and create some of the most amazing motorcycles that this planet has ever seen. I met Vinnie through a mutual friend and was able to introduce him to our blend IV.  With a little tweaking we developed something that Vinnie can't stop drinking, we absolutely loves our dark roast IV. Use code DMS and receive 10% off your order. Visit Vinnie's shop today, located on Orange Ave. in Walden.  website