Be Bold. Be Different. Be Alive. Be DIVERGENT.

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Coffee For A Cause

For 2018 Divergent Coffee has partnered with Hope Rocks Festival. The Hope Rocks Festival is a unique event which brings awareness of Suicide and Addiction which is plaguing our nation. The Hope Rocks Festival is a 2 day event featuring over 40 bands and guest speakers who share their experiences with event goers. The purpose of the event is to share information through education to hopefully deter someone from doing drugs, but also to give support to those who may be going through depression or addiction. At Divergent Coffee we have partnered with Hope Rocks to create awareness about the event but also to help raise funds to bring in artists that can connect with a large audience. A portion of all profits for every product sold through both our online store and through our retail partners we will be donated to Hope Rocks. Together we can illuminate the darkness.

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The World's Most Amazing Coffee

di·ver·gent /dəˈvərjənt,dīˈvərjənt/ adjective. - tending to be different. 

We all come from unique backgrounds with varying nationalities and cultures and we wanted to bring diversity into our Signature Blend coffee, IV.

 IV is exactly what this culture has been craving in a coffee. It is one of the strongest coffees available on the planet and today's coffee drinker LOVEs a strong dark roasted coffee. Along with being dark and strong, IV is also one of the most caffeinated coffees, with people craving more energy, IV delivers. We collaborated with one of NY's finest Master Roasters to develop what people are claiming as simply AMAZING coffee. IV is a proprietary blend of 4 different beans harvested from Columbia, Guatemala, Peru and India, a mixture of Arabica and Robusto beans that give it a smooth finish with no bitterness. You will absolutely love IV!

I had heard a lot of good reviews but I'm not one to typically shop on-line. I had my first cup this morning before work and loved it.. Divergent Coffee is very smooth and does not taste bitter. Finally I can drink coffee with out adding sugar!!!

Kristen Ahern - Mystic, Ct

We ordered and received our first 1lb bag of ground Divergent Coffee. We used it in our French Press and truly enjoyed it. Its definitely a bold coffee so we cut back on the amount used. We will be ordering more.

DP Young - Kingston, NY

I tried it and will say this: I used to buy another dark roasted coffee brand, but after trying the DIVERGENT IV, I am now a loyal customer and will be buying their offering via K-Cups for the office! 
The coffee is great tasting, definitely has some pick-me-up to it, and I love that supporting a "mom and pop shop". The fact that they support Public Servants is just icing on the cake!

Christopher A. Ebdon Capt. FD Pasadena,TX

Divergent coffee has a wonderful aroma & flavor unlike others I've tried. It's dark looking and strong tasting without that jittery feeling and dry aftertaste you get from other "dark" coffees. 

Matthew Veshia - Buffalo, NY

Divergent Coffee reminds me of coffee that I drank while visiting Italy,  it's dark yet smooth and has a great finish. 

Anthony Zappone - Malta, NY