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LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! Medium Roast Bourbon Blend. Our ever #1 selling coffee IV, has undergone some amazing changes to accommodate the tastes of many of our customers. We "detuned" the blend and lightened it up a bit to come up with our Medium Roast, Cat's Tail Blend, the super smooth and delicious blend has now taken another turn... We have partnered with our good friends at Speakeasy Motors American Whiskey Co. and are offering a Bourbon Blend!  We take our medium roast and age in a Speakeasy wooden cask for 30 days before completing the roasting process. The result is an incredible bourbon coffee with a sweet taste that can be enjoyed without adding any sweeteners or creams. Our Hog Wild Bourbon Blend is incredibly smooth with no bitterness or after taste. We look forward to you enjoying our coffee whether it's for the first time or the 50th time, it's always a pleasure to drink a fine mug of Divergent Coffee.