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Cat’s Tail Blend Medium Roast

Introducing our Medium Roast Coffee, Cat's Tail Blend with an Extra Kick! 

Cat's Tail Blend with Extra Caffeine is the perfect choice for those who love a balanced and flavorful cup of coffee with an added boost of energy. Made from carefully selected beans, this medium roast offers a delightful combination of rich flavors and a smooth finish. 

With the extra caffeine content, this coffee provides an invigorating experience to help you jumpstart your day or power through those afternoon slumps. Whether you need an energizing boost for work, study, or simply enjoying your favorite activities, our Cat's Tail Blend Coffee is sure to deliver. 

We take pride in sourcing high-quality beans from renowned coffee growing regions, ensuring that every sip brings out the best flavors. The medium roast level strikes a perfect balance, allowing for the unique characteristics of the beans to shine through, while still offering a satisfying depth of flavor. 

Experience the exceptional taste and heightened energy of the Cat's Tail Blend! Start your day with a bold and flavorful cup that keeps you going! Order your bag today and savor the taste of an invigorating coffee experience.